ESP32 - Hardware Preparation

Starter Kit

1×ESP-WROOM-32 Dev Module
1×USB Cable Type-C
1×DIYables Sensor Kit 30 types, 69 units
1×(Recommended) ESP32 Screw Terminal Adapter
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Or you can buy the separate components as below list.


1×Push Button
1×(Optional) Panel-mount Push Button
1×Ultrasonic Sensor
1×HC-SR501 Motion Sensor
1×Keypad 3x4 and 4x4 Kit
1×(Alternative) Keypad 3x4
1×(Alternative) Keypad 4x4
1×Light Sensor
1×DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (WITH Adapter)
1×DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (WITHOUT Adapter)
1×Piezo Buzzer
1×Electromagnetic Lock
1×Door Sensor
1×ESP32 Motor Shield R3
1×Stepper Motor
1×Servo Motor
1×Touch Sensor

Buy Note: Numerous DS18B20 sensors available in the market are of poor quality. We strongly advise purchasing the sensor from the DIYables brand via the link above; we conducted tests, and it performed reliably.